Monday, October 23, 2017

Florida Building Codes

This Aug. 24, 1992 file image provided by NOAA shows a NOAA GOES-7 thermal infrared geostationary satellite image of Hurricane Andrew approaching landfall south of Miami.

BY SETH BORENSTEIN WASHINGTON (AP) — For an entire generation in South Florida, Hurricane Andrew was the monster storm that reshaped a region. Irma is likely to blow that out of the water. Bigger and with a 90-degree different path ...
In this Aug. 25, 1992, file photo, rows of damaged houses sit between Homestead and Florida City, Fla., after Hurricane Andrew struck.

BY JENNIFER KAY MIAMI (AP) — After a catastrophic Hurricane Andrew revealed how lax building codes had become in the country’s most storm-prone state, Florida began requiring sturdier construction. Now, experts say a monstrously strong Hurricane Irma could become the ...