Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The Eatery by Ryan celebrates one year with revamped menu


The Eatery by Ryan in Fort Myers celebrated their recent one-year anniversary by adding some tasty new menu items.

Working as a bartender for 15 years, owner and chef Ryan Morrow had always had a knack for developing his own sauces, soups and bringing out his best in chicken wings, cheesesteaks and sandwiches. Taking over the space once occupied by Kate’s Kafe, Morrow is now reaching new heights with his homemade-style of cookery and bringing those old favorites to the table.

New menu items include pizza bagels with a slew of unique toppings such as pepperoni, chicken, and onion, barbecue chicken or pesto and balsamic turkey. And, of course, you could find Morrow’s cheesesteak of the day written on the black board with other highlighted new culinary concoctions. On the menu, there are nine listed cheesesteaks to choose from. The Naples Cheesesteak comes with provolone cheese, fried mushrooms, onions and peppers on fresh hoagie bread with mayo spread. The Rhino comes with beef and chicken, pepper jack and jalapeños for a little zing! Looking for a side for a main dish? Try the Loaded Potatoes with breakfast potatoes, cheese, jalapeños, bacon and a dollop of cool ranch sour cream.

The Eatery by Ryan also has fabulous wings baked and flash-fried to perfection, hot or mild, naked or sauced. I am in love with the hot sauce, it brings just the right amount of heat. Morrow said he is entering the Coastal Locals Wing Fling Food Competition in September.

You think lunch is busy here? Try the breakfast or brunch starting at 8 a.m. every day of the week. The new menu is offered any time of day and offers up some Southern goodies. The sausage gravy is made from scratch and is generously poured over fluffy biscuits. Not bad for a boy from Cherry Hill, New Jersey, it’s packed with flavor.

Options are key with the grilled cheese sandwiches and Paninis. The basic grilled cheese has American cheese melted to a crisp on a fresh baked white bread. The toppings include the likes of sriracha chicken with onion and jalapeño, havarti horseradish and Philly meat, and BBQ bacon with cheddar and tomato. From the panini options, I enjoyed the turkey, bacon and cheddar panini with tomato and honey mustard. It was stacked thick and slightly crispy on the outside of the sandwich. My choice of the side was the edamame and bean salad which was healthy and a great accompaniment to the panini – and my mimosa. The selection of mimosas come with the regular orange juice and Gummi Bears on a toothpick or ice pop in a glass of straight champagne!

The Eatery by Ryan is located at 16960 Alico Mission Way #104, Fort Myers, FL 33908.

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