Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Food truck event raises money for cancer treatment


By: Ariel Long

Southern Fresh Farms in Fort Myers hosts a weekly food truck event, where families and friends gathered to mingle, sing and dance, and enjoy a night of fireworks to kick off the fourth of July weekend.

However on Saturday, the event had a deeper purpose to serve.

Owners of the farm decided that Saturday night’s event would be dedicated to one of the food truck owners, who is battling stage-three cancer. The event was free admission for the community, but asked to donate $1 to help raise funds for her and her family as she battles through.

Mina Strobel, co-owner of “Nonnie’s Pizza and Spudz” food truck, is the sweetest and most generous person you will ever meet, friends say, but she is battling ovarian cancer. Ovarian cancer is when abnormal blood cells formulate within the ovaries and sync together to create a tumor. The tumor can spread throughout the body and proliferate cancer cells elsewhere. It’s a relatively rare form of cancer, representing just 1.3 percent of all new cancer cases, but the National Cancer Institute estimates that 14,000 women will die to the disease this year alone.

Strobel was diagnosed back in 2013, where her journey of surgeries, chemotherapy, and remission began. Strobel and her husband recently returned from Germany after receiving her first thermal therapy treatment, also called hyperthermia, to help kill the cancer cells.

Cancer has taken an enormous financial toll on Strobel and her family. She has been out of work while her husband is a deputy for the Lee County Sheriff’s Office. With only one source of income, it has become a challenge to pay for treatments and travel expenses, so the Strobels started a food truck to contribute to their need of funds to continue through treatments.

“It’s really taken a toll financially [on] us and it makes it hard for me to financially be out of work which is why we started the truck. We can do it together and we can do it after hours on the weekends,” said Strobel.

The community helps make a difference when they stop by the Italian pizza food truck and purchase any item on the menu because the funds are going towards a special cause. For the Strobels, buying their pizza isn’t considered a purchase, but it is considered donating towards a cancer warrior.

The Strobels created a GoFundMe here.

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