Sunday, September 24, 2017

Four New Mega Stones for ‘Pokemon Sun’ and ‘Moon’; Midnight Lycanroc Distribution Tomorrow

pokemon sun and moon

“naplesPlayers of “Pokemon Sun” and “Moon” will have a lot to look forward to this week with the release of four new mega stones and a GameStop exclusive code for Midnight Lycanroc.

While mega evolutions aren’t the main focus of “Sun” and “Moon,” this new update adds four to the game: Pidgeotite (Pidgeot), Steelixite (Steelix), Heracronite (Heracross) and Houndoominite (Houndoom).

None of the corresponding Pokemon can be found on the islands of Alola and must be transferred to the game from previous titles using the Poke Bank and Poke Transporter apps available in the Nintendo eShop. These mega stones are available because when transferred, they will lose their items.

To get a hold of yours for free, head to the main menu of the game and hit Mystery Gift. From there, go to Receive Gift and enter password AZUL. Once all items have been confirmed, make sure to head to any Poke Center to speak with the delivery man in game.

The Pokemon goodies aren’t over yet. From May 15 to June 5, head on over to GameStop for a free code for Midnight Lycanroc. The code is for a level 50 pocket monster holding a life orb and will have a hidden ability that guarantees all party’s moves hit in battle.

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