Thursday, October 19, 2017

Francis Rooney Supports Governor’s, Senate’s Lake O Efforts

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“naplesOn Monday, Florida Governor Rick Scott pressed the Florida Legislature to address critical Lake Okeechobee water issues by including the sum of $200 million in the budget.

Scott demonstrated support for Senate Bill 10…authorizing a significant increase in the amount of southern water storage…sponsored by Senator Rob Fleming and backed by Senate President Joe Negron.

“It’s important to me that as the Legislature has progressed on President Negron’s priority Lake Okeechobee bill, I give an update on how I believe we should be funding our environment and conversations I have been having with the Trump Administration,” remarked Governor Scott.

District 19 Congressman, Francis Rooney, has been a staunch advocate of any and all legislation destined to improve water conditions in Southwest Florida.

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