Sunday, September 24, 2017

‘The Art Comes From Within’: Local Musician Scores Latin Grammy

Local musician Kevin “Capi” Carbo with his Latin Grammy.


A local musician won a Latin Grammy using skills he learned from watching Youtube videos.

Kevin “Capi” Carbo began producing music at 11 years old when he found the FL Studio software on his best friend’s computer. After graduating high school, Carbo chose to go online to learn more about production instead of going to school for music.

“Youtube and Google, man those are my best friends,” said Carbo, 22. “I’m not knocking school, you can definitely go to school, but at school you have to understand that you might end up being in debt for a while. I would rather come across producers that will teach me stuff one-on-one as opposed to being in a classroom with 50 other people.”

Carbo also turned to Youtube because he believed that music schools couldn’t teach him how to be creative.

“All they’re teaching you is how this stuff works,” said Carbo. “They’re not teaching you the art. The art comes from within and how you paint the picture. There is nothing that they are teaching you that you can’t learn from other people or learn online.”

Carbo would subsequently use the knowledge he gained from watching Youtube videos to build up a catalog of his own music. From there he travelled back and forth from Naples to Miami and showcased his work to major label artists.

The trips to Miami eventually led to Carbo to meet an artist signed to Mr. 305 inc. named Fuego. Carbo would go on to spend an entire year providing music for an album by Fuego called Fireboy Forever 2. The album caught the attention of J Balvin, who remixed one of the songs, 35 Pa Las 12, which Carbo produced.

“Around that time J Balvin was about to release his own album,” said Carbo. “Luckily he showed love and placed that song on his album. Next thing you know the album won a Latin Grammy.”

Carbo has even watched videos on Youtube to learn about audio engineering and has used those skills to open his own recording studio in Naples called The Facility. One artist, Chris Catlin, credits Carbo being self-taught as the main reason why he books sessions at The Facility.

“He’s a genius,” said Catlin. “There are only two engineers that I work with and Capi is one of them. All the best producers are self-taught and both of mine are. It’s because they go off what’s dope, not necessarily what’s right.”

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