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This Week in Gaming – March 11 to 17

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“napleseSports is seeing huge support from Washington D.C., Kinda Funny loses a member of their team and the PS3 is ceasing production in Japan. Here are this week’s biggest headlines in gaming.

March 12 | Washington D.C. is Taking an Interest in eSports 

Not only is the U.S. capital going to be sponsoring an eSports team, there’s going to be an eSports arena too. A $65 million arena. Check out more of this story on Polygon.

March 13 | Kinda Funny’s Colin Moriarty Leaves in Midst of Tweet Scandal

Colin Moriarty made waves on International Women’s day with an offensive tweet. The same day, his tweet was confronted by Kinda Funny founder Greg Miller and announced that Moriarty would not be attending PAX East. Moriarty announced via Facebook that he’ll be leaving the Kinda Funny team in search of new opportunities.

March 14 | Introducing Play Collective

The PlayStation Blog announced that six new titles are coming to the PlayStation Network very soon, and PlayStation Plus members get 20 percent off them all. The six titles include ‘Everything” (March 21), “Rain World” (March 28), “PaRappa the Rapper Remastered” (April 4), “comic Star Heroine” (April 11), “Full Throttle Remastered” (April 18), and “What Remains of Edith Finch” (April 25).

March 16 | PS4 Game Streaming coming to PlayStation Now in 2017

PlayStation Now’s catalogue will expand in 2017, adding PS4 games to the fray. Check out our coverage here.

March 17 | Japan will Soon Cease PS3 Production

After almost 10 years, the PS3’s production is coming to an end, reports GameSpot. This move doesn’t necessarily mean global production will end anytime soon, but it is the beginning of an end to a generation of gaming. Similarly, Microsoft production on the Xbox 360 last April.

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