Sunday, August 20, 2017

Pit Commander Barbecue – True Texas Roots in SWFL

pit commander barbecue pork being sliced

“naplesStephan Nedwetzky, owner and true Barbecue aficionado decided to his hook up his Smoker to his truck and head south for the winter and let me tell you.. you will be happy he did!

Pit Commander Barbecue originates from Plano, Texas, known for its slow cooked Barbecue and can be seen at its many local spots, including local breweries such as Bitter Sisters in Addison, TX Lakewood Brewery in Garland, TX and many more.

He also makes appearances at all the large events such as the Little Elm Brew and Que which brings in more than 10,000 hungry people every year.

We here in SWFL have been lucky enough to have Stephan and Pit Commander Barbecue become a very welcoming “snow bird” from January to April. Pit Commander Barbecue has found its winter home right here in Naples! Wowing the foodie community with some outrageous true Texan BBQ.

Where to Find Them: Every Saturday Pit Commander BBQ is at Millennial Brewery in Fort Myers where for the past several weeks he has sold out.  Every Wednesday Pit Commander is at Peppers Deli on Commercial Blvd., where he also sells out!

About the Pit Commander

Hailing from Texas, Stephan grew up with BBQ. Stephan served our country in the Marines and has been self employed and creating BBQ ever since. His favorite thing to cook is BBQ of course, but he also loves to cook Italian and Mexican, but prides himself in his BBQ sandwiches!

Stephan has worked with the “famous” Pit Master Wil Fleischman and helped him open Lockhart Smokehouse in Plano.

Stephan proudly says he LOVES what he does and that he wakes up every morning with the saying, “I’m only as good as my last cook, can I do it again? Can I do it better. What can I do to make people happier than they already are?”

Stephan says this motivates him to keep going and do better.


Millennial Brewery

1811 Royal Palm Ave

Fort Myers

Every Saturday

Peppers Deli and Butcher

4165 Corporate Square


Every Wednesday


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