Saturday, August 19, 2017

Lee Commissioners Discuss The Future Of Water Management

old lee county courthouse

“naplesThe Lee County Commission met to discuss the future of water management in Southwest Florida in a work session on Tuesday. The commission heard a presentation by county staff regarding the importance of addressing the county’s irrigation problem and what could be done to increase the efficient use of water in the future.

In the presentation, county staff explained that a major step in solving Lee’s water issue is prioritizing the usage of “reuse water” for irrigation purposes. Reuse water is wastewater that has gone through an industrial water treatment plant and has been treated to a standard that allows it to be used for non-drinking water applications such as irrigation.

The presentation stressed the need to expand the utilization of this non-potable water infrastructure so that more residents and business owners would have the option to use it for irrigation.

It is not yet clear if this expansion would be orchestrated by the county, private utilities, or a public/private partnership.

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