Saturday, October 21, 2017

Your Guide to the Holidays in Naples

Naples Herald columnist Kylen Moran with Barbatella manager Mauro Bisocchi.

“naplesAre you spending the holidays here? I’ve grown up here, and Naples is the only Christmas I’ve ever known. I attend the Festival of Lights almost every year, and when I was little, I was even invited to perform with my violin. Third Street South is the epitome of Christmas in Naples, and I visit the area more often during the holiday season simply because everything is so inviting and brightly lit (not to mention the fantastic weather!).

The holiday films I treasured in my childhood all feature the same basic ingredients: warmth, good cheer, and most importantly, snow. While Naples has warmth and good cheer, we’re not likely to see much snow around here this year. However, if you find yourself in the right place at the right time, holiday magic will fall from the sky — even in this city!

Just after sunset on this Thursday the 8th, head down to Third Street South. Once there, you can enjoy a performance from the band Flashback in the Fleischmann Courtyard, or check out local harpist Laura Lou Roth in front of Bad Ass coffee. Make sure you’re outside at 7:30 — this is the precise moment that it will be snowing in Naples. I imagine Northerners are jealous that we can schedule our snowstorms, and I love that my hometown can harness the perfect holiday formula despite our latitude.

When the snow lets up, grab a bite at Barbatella (my personal fave) — they just installed a new mozzarella bar with all kinds of mozzarella and vegetables. My family and I are there almost every week! I shot this look at Barbatella the other day in anticipation for a holiday blog post. I was looking for the perfect place to take festive photos, and Barbatella immediately came to mind because they always decorate their exterior with elegant string lights.

This year I’ve been invited to a casino-themed holiday party and I put together this Christmas outfit with that event in mind. If you’re headed to a party and

want to wear something enchanting but with a little bit of edge, black lace is one of the best textiles to turn to. While Naples tends to dress more casually, we also know how to dress up for a good party! This black lace dress is perfect for the holidays, but could be worn for a lot of upcoming charity events this season as well.

Speaking of parties, you won’t want to miss this Saturday’s Christmas Boat Parade in Naples Bay, benefitting the Ricky King Foundation. It starts at 6:30, but be sure to show up early to grab a good spot. The parade is viewable from the Riverwalk Restaurant, the Naples City Dock, Pinchers Crab Shack, Kelly’s Fish House, and The Boat House. Not a bad way to enjoy a meal either!

What are your holiday plans for Naples? What are your favorite Naples memories? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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