Wednesday, September 20, 2017

UPDATE: Miromar Lakes Statue NOT Stolen, in for Refurbishment

a sculpture from miromar lakes


The search is off this afternoon for the stolen sculpture at Miromar Lakes Community Clubhouse, according to SWFL Crime Stoppers.

After seeing news reports of the missing masterpiece, marketing personnel at Miromar Lakes stated that the theft report was made in error, citing “miscommunication between internal departments.”

The sculpture was actually removed for scheduled refurbishment and is with the original artist who will be doing the restoration work.


The “one-of-a-kind” metal abstract sculpture that adorned the Miromar Lakes Community Clubhouse was “lifted” from a small, grassy area alongside the building.

Residents discovered that the sculpture had been stolen as they began their day on Tuesday, October 4.

The sculpture, unwieldy due to its size and weight, required some planning and considerable effort to remove.

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