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Cocktail of the Week: AFROHEAD’s Nut Head


“naplesThe craft cocktail has come of age. Television, radio and social media has made celebrities out of chefs who feature their cooking skills combined with the best available ingredients to create a memorable meal. It is no different for those mixing quality spirits with the finest of ingredients to bring you a memorable cocktail experience and we aim to find those special drinks just for you!

Bar Tulia, Naples’ first Italian gastropub and craft cocktail bar happened to be hosting a Summer Guest Bartender Series where they feature a special cocktail maker of note for each event to mix up a few signature drinks so it was the perfect place to get our first story.

Cocktail chemist, Isaac Scott Grillo, dubbed ‘Ultimate Miami Bartender,’ Official AFROHEAD Rum Ambassador and owner of Repour Bar in the Albion Hotel, Miami was the guest bartender for this night’s event.

Mr. Grillo describes himself as culinary driven. By that he means he was at first a cook, and brought his flavor and ingredient approach in cooking to craft cocktails. His approach to beverage is identical to that of cooking. Just as one has a preference for flavor profiles in food, Issac brings this to craft cocktails and brings you on a journey based on your beverage preference.

As “farm to table” has so pervaded our notions of dining, it has also extended to the craft cocktail movement. Issac even has an herb garden on the roof of the Albion Hotel. This enables him to have the freshest ingredients on site to make syrups, purees and tinctures to craft his custom beverages.

Cocktail of the Week 


This drink is easily made at home or you can ask for it at Bar Tulia!

The AFROHEAD Nut Head. Photo provided.


  • 2 oz AFROHEAD XO
  • 0.5 oz almond syrup (50/50 sugar to water, simmer together with store bought almonds for 15 minutes and strain out almonds)
  • 3-5 dashes walnut bitters (which can be bought relatively easily at liquor stores or online)

Most rums are blended in the Solera method where they use multiple barrels for aging; it brings out additional caramel and vanilla flavors in the rum. AFROHEAD uses a single barrel approach like single malt scotch or bourbon.

“It’s a great sipping rum that is not too dry or too sweet. It sits right in the middle and is perfect neat,” says Grillo.

AFROHEAD Rum brings together the West Indies’ most guarded secrets – from the ideal sugar cane molasses to an over 100-year-old yeast strain. Blended for a complete and complex flavor profile, AFROHEAD XO (86 proof) is first aged in oak barrels for 15 years and begins creamy and builds to a toffee and caramel taste on the palate. Hints of vanilla and smooth caramel echo in the notes of this bold, sensual spirit for a smooth, extra-long finish.

In the coming weeks, we look forward to featuring cocktails such as these which will both intrigue and satisfy. Feel free to share with us if you make this at home and until next time, please respect your rum responsibly.

Bar Tulia

462 5th Ave S

Naples, FL

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