Sunday, October 22, 2017

Waterside Shops Fountains Funneling Coins to Good Causes

waterside shop fountains

“naplesEver wonder where the coins you throw into a fountain to make a wish go? Well, at the Waterside Shops all coins from their fountains are donated to Baby Basics of Collier County. While your wish is being granted so is a child’s in need. This all-volunteer organization provides diapers to children of working low-income families. Baby Basics currently supports 345 babies. In the past ten years, Baby Basics has given out over three million diapers and 100% of donations go to buying diapers.

So, next time you visit Waterside Shops don’t forget to toss your coin and make a wish! This is just another simple way of giving back during the holidays.They will be supporting this cause until December 31st, 2015.

To be considered for our Coins for a Cause program, please complete this application.

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