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Welcome back Collier students! Here’s the lowdown on school lunches

naples-herald-dot-logo-20x20 (1)Collier County Public School students return for the 2015-16 school year today, and with that a number of fresh information awaits their summer-cleared minds.

Last week,  the district’s Department of Nutrition Services released information about prices of school lunch for the year.

Here’s the lowdown:

  • Lunch prices will remain the same as last year throughout the county. This means elementary school students will pay $2, middle and high school students $2.25, and $3 for adults. Lunch choices will reflect the USDA nutrition guidelines in the new Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act.

Enrolled students can pick up breakfast in the morning at no cost.

  • To add money to a student’s account you can go here and make secure online prepayments. This website also gives you the ability to view student balances and transaction history. When you’ve made an account you can receive e-mails when your child’s balance is running low.

Applications are also available to apply for free and reduced lunch for students. Parents must fill out the application online or complete the paper application given to their student on the first day of school and return it there. You can also find copies of the application in the principal’s office. If approved the student will receive free and reduced lunch for the entire school year.

  • It’s okay if you haven’t gotten your application in yet; you can apply for these benefits at any time during the year.

Household size and income criteria are two of the factors that determine eligibility and applications cannot be considered if they don’t have the required eligibility information. These applications may be verified throughout the year.

If your household currently receives SNAP or TANF benefits you are required to list only the child’s name, SNAP/TANF case number, and signature from an adult household member.

For students considered migrants, homeless, runaway or head-start the district says their household should contract the district liaisons.

Foster children receive free and reduced lunch benefits regardless of personal income or family income.

Deployed service members are considered part of the family in this application process. They should be included when determining household size but only include the portion of their income that is made available to them or their family.

All other households must provide the following information listed on the application:

  • Total household income listed by gross amount received, type of income (e.g., wages, child support, etc.) and how often the income is received by each household member;
  • Names of all household members – check the “no income” box if applicable; if household member is a child, list school name for each;
  • Signature of an adult household member certifying the information provided is correct; and
  • Social security number of the adult signing the application or check the “No Social Security

Number” box if this household member does not have a social security number.

If there are any changes to employment or household size during the school year the school should be informed. This includes if a parent or guardian becomes unemployed.

Parents can apply online here.

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