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Business 101: Stand up, Stand Out and Move Ahead

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naples-herald-dot-logo-20x20 (1)Every top 10 list of stresses that I have ever read includes money, jobs and relationships.  Since a career is all about money, jobs and relationships it is no wonder that you are stressed.  Recognizing and managing work related stress can help you achieve success and peace of mind.  Work related stress rarely gets the focus and attention it deserves.  It is difficult to find someone objective and experienced enough to help and to keep your issues confidential.  How many times has a confidant turned out to be a gossip?

Gossip makes the workplace go round.  Anyone with a story to tell has an audience.  If you confide in anyone who has shared others’ secrets with you, it is a good bet that your secret is not safe with them.

It is very difficult to stand above the fray and not get involved.  However, if you stay away from office gossip and politics it mitigates the probability that you will become the focal point of either.

Rule number 1.  Mind your own business.

Team work and collaboration are essential.  Asking for help and offering to help are both signs of strength and confidence.  Too often there is a mentality that someone else’s failure can be your success. Wrong.

One hero does not make a company great. Great leaders understand that their success depends upon the success of everyone on their team. Hiring intelligent and capable people is a great place to start. Making sure that these people have the passion and compassion to achieve common goals is a necessity.

Keep it simple.  A company must delight their customers with their products, services and support.  No one person can make that happen.  Stand out for your talent, compassion and team work.  If you can help someone, do it. This rule should be fairly obvious.

Rule number 2. Teams win. Great team members make great employees.

Moving up the career ladder is something most people aspire toward. This goal often involves the desire to get into management. How often have you thought about how much better things would be run if you were in charge?  Yes, being the boss. That is the life. How great would it be if you made the rules?  Everyone would have to answer to you. Then she woke up.

The first lesson I learned after taking on a management role is that I had to work for everyone else. Sure, I got to set some parameters but running the show was not about strutting around and barking out orders.

Remember Rule number two and the discussion about leadership?  Getting a promotion and becoming a boss is the easy part. Being a great leader takes time, skill and patience. Leaders inspire and influence. Employees that work grudgingly for their jerk of a boss are happy to go the extra mile for their leaders.

Always strive to be a person of your word. Expect more from yourself then you expect from anyone else. Leaders have a responsibility to mentor others and to create a platform for success.  If you always work to meet your obligations as a leader, then you will have to spend very little time reminding your team about their obligations as employees.  Inspired employees are loyal employees. Loyal employees tend to stick around for a long time.

Rule number 3. Being a boss is easy. Being a leader fosters success.

Job satisfaction is something we all want. Like most things in life, we have the ability to control more than we realize. No one hands you job satisfaction. You must always work to create and maintain it. Do not give away your power to be happy. Embrace it. It is a long work week; it might as well be a satisfying one.

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