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Bar Tulia Pours Traditional Imported Italian Wines at Disisa Dinner on Thursday

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naples-herald-dot-logo-20x20 (1) Famous for its farmhouse design with a big city feel, Bar Tulia will host a Disisa Wine dinner this Thursday, June 25 on Fifth Avenue at 6 p.m. Bar Tulia is an Italian gastropub with modern pub fare, craft cocktails and fine Italian wines.

Unlike many restaurants in the United States, the chefs at Bar Tulia do not cook “Italian-American” cuisine. The ingredients and recipes stay true to their European roots, heightening the flavor and allure of each meal. Chef Vincenzo Betulia will prepare an exceptional five-course dinner paired with wines from the Disisa Estate in Sicily.

“We are a popular restaurant because we put more emphasis on quality over quantity,” Chef Betulia said. “What is really neat is when the importers started bringing in the wines, the wine maker came in to show us what there is. We met him and fell super in love with his wines, but unfortunately he didn’t have a lot because they’re a small winery in Sicily, so we often buy the entire stock of Disisa wine each season.”

Because Americans typically love sweeter wines, they don’t often look on a menu and order an Italian wine over a Californian wine. Betulia wants to open more options for locals to broaden their wine preferences by having an authentic Italian dinner with rich, old-world wines.

“Most people in the Naples wine community get so attached to their wines,” Betulia said. “Typically a lot of people will drink California wines over something else, but me on the other hand, I’d rather drink an old-world wine without the intense sweetness so that I can taste the dirt and leather notes combined with the fruit. We want to present this as the unique opportunity that is is for Americans who drink new-world wines to try something different. Everyone is either so gung-ho with wine and want to try something new, or they don’t because it is scary because they’re so into their own flavor. There is rarely someone in between.”


As diners make their way into the restaurant, they may notice that their atmosphere complements the rustic, timeless design. The bar and tables are outfitted with wood from 100 year-old pine trees and the flooring is constructed from the bricks of a 1940s Chicago firehouse with the Illinois stamps still on bricks. However, the music and environment encompass more of a New York or Los Angeles restaurant, creating quite the disctinction in what can often be described as “sleepy” Naples.

Guests who sign up for the Disisa dinner will enjoy a menu that includes  Arancine with Beef Sugo, Tortellini de Magro con Le Sarde, Involtino of Swordfish, Florida Waygy New York Strip Steak and Cannoli Siciliani. Owner and winemaker Mario di Lorenzo, who spearheaded the estate’s first major transformation in the 1930’s increasing its olive tree and wine productivity and radically changing the configuration of the territory agriculturally, economically and socially, will be the Guest of Honor and flying in especially for this event.

“We wanted to feature their chardonnay on our daily menu but there wasn’t enough,” Betulia said. “So even when we bought almost the entire allocation for state of Florida, we ran out in Late April. We went six weeks without it, but because we really supported the brand and his choice to partner with a small restaurant in Florida, we made him the guest of honor.”

The price per person with the wine pairing is $125. Space is limited, so a reservation is required to attend the event. For more information, please visit

“I want people to enjoy it,” Betulia said. “They are going out of their way to do something super neat, so I know they will. And I know they’ll truly embrace this wine.”

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