Sunday, August 20, 2017

Homeless man accused of robbing Circle K

Sergio Ramos mugshot

A homeless man is accused of robbing a local gas station and threatening the clerk with a large wrench.

Sergio Ramos, 21, was arrested Tuesday by Collier deputies at the 2000 block of East Horseshoe Drive, Naples.

Sergio Ramos mugshot
Sergio Ramos, 21

According to an arrest report, deputies arrived on scene at a local Circle K gas station where they found the victim shaking.

The victim told deputies that she was in the cooler of the store when Ramos entered the Circle K holding a large wrench up in a threatening manner. She believed he was going to strike her with it. He then said to her, “I want all the money and don’t call the cops.”

Ramos told the victim he had a gun and he didn’t want to have to kill her, reports said.

According to the victim, she pleaded for her life as she opened the sales register and handed him all the money she had. The amount of cash Ramos allegedly made off with was not released in reports.

The victim told deputies she was in fear for her life because he also threatened her with a gun and said that he didn’t want to have to kill her. She stated she wanted to press charges.

Due to video surveillance, deputies were able to identify Ramos and located him riding a bicycle near the gas station where the robbery took place, reports said.

Deputies said that Ramos told them he was just recently released from prison in Texas.

Ramos denied any wrongdoing, telling deputies that he did not take any money from the gas station and only bought a drink while he was there.

Ramos faces multiple felony charges of robbery with weapon and aggravated assault with intent to commit a felony.

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