Monday, October 23, 2017

NCAA Tournament stuck true to its name “March MADNESS”

uconn heading to the final 4

The NCAA Mens Basketball Tournament has stuck to its values with the title March Madness. Upset after upset this year leaves 4 teams remaining. Florida will play Connecticut and Wisconsin will play Kentucky. Which means half of the teams remaining are from the powerhouse SEC.

Florida and Wisconsin were extremely popular in the polls and were suppose to be “shoe-ins” for the Final 4, and even the Championship game. Florida is ranked #1 overall, as they have been since the second half of the season, with a record of 36-2. Drumroll please…The two losses come from Connecticut and Wisconsin! So it’s seems to be a great fit that two of the Final 4 teams were the only teams to beat the #1 ranked Florida Gators.

The fourth team in the mix is Kentucky. With a young freshman squad, the wildcats sure know how to play. They were unranked for the second half of the season and lost 3 times this year to the Gators. However, with the help of their Coach, John Calipari, these young boys have made it to the Final 4.

Connecticut and Florida are set to play Saturday, April 5th at 6:09pm., followed by Kentucky and Wisconsin’s top off at 8:49pm. Both of these games are held in the same arena and will be aired live on TBS.

The madness continues on Saturday, so be ready for upsets…because right now, nothing would surprise me.

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