Monday, September 25, 2017

Naples Mother Opened up Her House for Daughters Party with Under Age Drinking

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A Naples mom was arrested earlier this week and is facing 26 charges after allowing underage drinking at her teen daughters party.

Lt. John Barkley, a spokesman for the NPD said, “That goes from second-degree to a first-degree misdemeanor if someone’s involved in death or serious bodily injury. That’s not to talk about any possible civil penalties someone might face.”

Police responded to the home on Tuesday, just passed 12am in reference to a noise complaint by the neighbors. Teens dispersed throughout the yard and ran into the house. Thrown cans, bottles and some marijuana were found where they had hung out.

Officers knocked on the door and were greeted by Mariel Weinand (18), who was unable to stand without the help of two other girls, reports said. She provided her mothers cell phone to the police, stating that she was the homeowner to contact.

When police called, Carolyn Weinand told them she was out-of-town and gave permission for officers to clear the property of any partygoers, saying she didn’t know about the drinking going on.

Police entered the home and cleared out more than 20 partying teens, before finding the mother, Carolyn Weinand hiding in a bedroom.

Weinand told police she was aware of the party and thought she was doing them a favor by keeping them at her house instead of somewhere else drinking.. She did not admit to buying the alcohol, reports say.

Police said Carolyn Weinand continued to “make statements trying to justify having the party and allowing alcohol.”

Partygoers under 18 were released to their parents. Those 18 or older were allowed to leave with sober individuals who were not at the party.

No one was injured and/or found drinking and driving.


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