Sunday, August 20, 2017

Amazon raised the price of Prime by $20

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Amazon raised the price of Prime from $79/year up to $99/year. This is only half of the increase that Amazon mentioned they were considering about 1 month ago. The student prime also increase to $49/year.

Amazon Prime members get free two-day shipping, movie and TV streaming plus the ability to borrow kindles. For those that purchase online often or simply watch movies and TV shows, the $20 increase isn’t a big deal.

The reasoning behind this increase price is nothing more than expenses have risen. Prime started nearly 9 years ago and hasn’t change the pricing one time. Since then, fuel prices have risen tremendously from the low $2 up to nearly $4 now.

Amazon mentioned that Prime hit a record growth rate in December of 2013, with over 1 million sign ups in 1 week!

“The company also said that it has increased the benefits of the program, now offering free shipping on 19 million items, up from only 1 million nine years ago. It also introduced its video streaming service in 2011 and recently launched Amazon-produced shows.” – CNN Money

Amazon allowing shoppers to get free 2-day shipping is causing some problems for local brick and mortar retail stores. However, Amazon isn’t stopping with 2-day shipping. Many items are eligible for 1 day shipping and there are talks about using drones for same day delivery!

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What are your thoughts on Amazon Prime? Have you used this service? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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