Friday, September 22, 2017

Cape Coral Police Bust Million Dollar Grow House

Yoel Escano Trimino, W/M, DOB: 07-16-1973 mugshot in gray and white t-shirt

February 28, 2014

Cape Coral Police served a search warrant on 1206 NE 8th Place, Cape Coral after obtaining intelligence and probable cause that a marijuana grow house operation was being operated at the residence.

The search warrant revealed a substantial high-tech marijuana grow operation.

Yoel Escano Trimino of 1206 NE 8th Place, Cape Coral was arrested on charges of Trafficking in Marijuana (In excess of 25 pounds or 300 plants), Cultivation of Marijuana, and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

Cape Coral Police Detectives seized a total of 60 plants and harvested marijuana buds, with a goal weight of 436.3 pounds and street value of over $1 million dollars.

Elaborate lighting systems, watering systems, temperature controls, and wiring setups, along with mylar-insulated rooms were also found.

Departments involved in the bust include the Cape Coral Police Vice, Intelligence, and Narcotics (VIN) Detectives as well as members of our Street Crimes Unit (SCU).

Cape Coral’s Chief of Police, Bart Connelly, said in a statement “this is another example of the outstanding work that the men and women of the Cape Coral Police Department do each day. I’m proud that our Officers and Detectives were able to work quickly and safely to take down one of the largest single grow house operations ever located in Cape Coral without incident and with minimal disruption to the good law-abiding citizens in the area.”

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