Sunday, August 20, 2017

Club AFTER Sets the Record Straight… Literally

Club AFTER Rules

Its 3 AM you’re out with friends, in Vegas, the night is young and you are planning your next venture. What are you in the mood for? Are you in the mood for some dancing, some gambling, or maybe interested in getting something to eat. Because it is 3 AM and you are in Las Vegas those activities are all easily accessible – even some venues can provide the amenities for you to do all of those things at once but if you choose to go dancing, and your destination is club AFTER then you would maybe be surprised to hear they have some rules set in place for guest DJ’s.

New to the club scene of the city of sin AFTER has set the bar high for attendee’s expectations before even opening. Presented in the DJ booth are some interesting rules they must abide by to prevent them from ejection during their gig.

Artists are requested not to play any “hip-hop, trap, nor dubstep” also with urgency they are asked not to play “anything with a Lil Jon nor T-Pain drop.” Amongst the rules is a strict do not play list which includes some pretty mainstream/popular EDM names like: Afrojack, Swedish House Mafia, Bob Sinclair, and Deadmau5.  This is nothing against the artists themselves this is to go with the theme of the clubs “afterhours” vibe.

Some could argue this and say but why eliminate the chance to hear a DJ put a spin on a classic song you hear on the radio? While others are thanking the gods/ goddesses of club AFTER for making these rules, for they will result in an even better time out on the night.

The problem with the ever-growing electric dance music scene is the lack of originality. You go to a festival and later on try to reflect on who was the best and out of the 20 different acts you witnessed and danced to only one or two seems to be memorable. Why? Because it all sounded the same! Granted you can blame it on the alcohol or heavy drugs but in reality most of the mixes contained the same songs maybe in a different order or likely at a different BPM.

Not saying that one of a kind DJs aren’t out there. They are the ones who started it all. They are the ones who got the fans into the scene in the first place. They are the ones who blow your mind and leave you with an unforgettable experience. Some of them have quieted down and their top-hits are now only replays during a mundane set by an unoriginal. Yet, even the artist who has the smallest crowd instrumenting beats you have never heard before can be the one who you remember. Club AFTER is seeking to provide a memorable club experience for its guests, who are looking for an underground/afterhours club vibe.

Knowing that you are going into a space where you will probably hear something you don’t hear on the radio is actually exciting. Where is your spontaneity? If the “don’t play” list left you enraged and upset aren’t you tired of hearing those big names day after day and night after night? For those who are tired this venue is a must go.

The PR team of AFTER set the expectation bar pretty high for its grand opening. The release of these “rules” for performers was released before opening night Feb. 2nd and management even stated, “It’s permanently affixed to our DJ booth.” Good to know they plan to stick to it and abide by these rules.

Success has been reported since the venue’s opening night and no DJs have been ejected from their soapbox yet, so it is good to know they have been playing nice and abiding by the rules set in place.