Monday, October 23, 2017

City of Bonita Springs Green-Lights Mayhood Dog Park

Tan puppy playng next a black puppy in the mulch next a young child at the dog park
Conceptual map of the Mayhood dog park in Bonita Springs Florida showing the locations of amenities
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On Wednesday evening in a 7-0 vote, the Bonita Springs City Council approved a site plan designed by engineering firm Stantec, for the 6.5-acre Mayhood Dog Park.

The future location of the park is located on the north side of East Terry Street at Matheson Avenue and totals 16.56-acres.

The park will feature three distinct dog areas; 0.45 -acres for small dogs, 0.75-acres for medium dogs, and 1.4-acres for large dogs. Also included in the plans are paved walkways, a parking area, picnic tables, a pavilion, as well as a foot-bridge spanning over Leitner Creek.

Costs are estimated at $360,035.68. In the original 2013-2014 budget the city set aside $300,000 to construct the park, which $33,000 was deemed for engineering costs by Stantec.

Acknowledging the fact that the project may exceed the original budget by as much as $93,000 the city council is using park impact fees to fund the project based on a statement by Parks and Recreation Director, Nicole Perino.

The land was purchased in 2001 by the City of Bonita Springs for $2.3 million for a 16.56-acre land parcel. The land originally housed a 200-unit trailer park. In 2001, when the land was originally purchased it was planned to be implemented into the Imperial Parkway extension, but the route changed, and the land has remained underutilized.

Over the years, additional site proposals included – a social services center as well as a low-cost housing project -both of which faced heavy opposition from neighboring land owners.

In the interim, while the city decided on the lands final use it became a storage site for storm debris. During a Public workshop in May 2011 the residents of Bonita suggested the site be used for a variety of different things including a community garden, a preserve with nature trails, a public common space, tree nursery,  and a dog park.

The residents of Bonita Springs have spoken and the Mayhood Dog park is estimated to open in June of this year.


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