Friday, September 22, 2017

Florida Man Arrested in FBI Raid on Charges of Producing and Distributing Deadly Poison 

Jesse William Korff with reading glasses posing for a selfie photo while riding in vehicle


Jesse William Korff, 19 years of age, of LaBelle, FL was arrested on Saturday and faces federal charges out of New Jersey including one count of Possession and Transfer of a Toxin for Use as a Weapon and one count of Smuggling Goods from the US.

Investigators say Korff posted an online ad to sell abrin on a site known as “Black Market Reloaded” according to a FBI release.

Korff then negotiated to sell two liquid doses of abrin to a undercover agent for a total sum of $2,500.  Officials say he also offered detailed advice to agents on how much of the plant-based toxin was needed to kill a person based on a persons individual weight. He also provided advice on the best technique for delivering the poison to the targeted person(s), investigators allege.

On Tuesday afternoon Korff was scheduled for his initial appearance and bail hearing in Fort Myers, at the federal courthouse.

On Friday, Korff is scheduled to be transferred to a Newark federal court in New Jersey where he is schedule to appear for sentencing.

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